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  • VIDEO of Zim-AIED: Mutema Banana Production

    Fintrac's approach to smallholder commercialization is transforming banana production in Zimbabwe.

  • Climate Change Adaptation

    The first in a series of Topic Papers outlines our 'no regrets' approach to climate change adaptation and mitigation for smallholder farmers.

  • Market Systems Approach Paper

    The market systems approach, which leverages local systems to deliver goods and services, is a cornerstone of Fintrac's work with the commercial sector.

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  • Drum Seeders

    The drum seeder is a simple piece of equipment that can transform the way farmers sow their fields. The design is straightforward and easy to use.

  • Charcoal Cooler

    Farmers face numerous challenges keeping their harvests fresh before going to the market. High temperatures and unprotected storage areas greatly increase postharvest losses and reduce profits.

  • Solarization

    Protecting vulnerable seedlings is vital to ensuring a healthy and productive vegetable crop. Left susceptible to extreme weather or pest and disease infestation, seedlings have little chance of maturing.

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